• 9 May 2022

Transnational online workshop “SAVING:SOILS”


Healthy soils provide food, ensure biodiversity, offer recreational spaces and mitigate the consequences of the climate crisis. Nevertheless, areas and soils are being concreted over
and sealed on a daily basis throughout Europe, especially around cities. New settlements, roads, industrial or commercial areas are constantly being built in these peri-urban areas. In
addition, wind, water, biomass and solar plants have to be built for the energy transition – meaning that conflicts of use are inevitable. With the project “Saving:Soils – for a trend
reversal in the use of land in peri-urban areas”, CIPRA is making good examples visible and working out approaches to solutions along with three pilot regions. Saving:Soils brings
everyone together around one table: spatial planning experts, civil society, administrative authorities and young adults.

The online workshop on 12 May 2022 16.30 – 18.30 organised by CIPRA Living in the Alps has its focus on regional and (trans-)national soil-saving
strategies in Alpine countries. We will discuss the following key questions:

  • What is the present state of implementation of soil-saving strategies in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria?
  • What are the key factors for success, what are the main challenges and barriers?
  • Which instruments seem to be most promising for soil-saving in the near future?
  • What can we learn from each other?

The target groups of this workshop are:

  • Representatives from administration and politics at regional, national and transnational level
  • Experts from universities and consultants
  • Civil society organisations, NGO´s


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