• 8 September 2023

The Role of R&D and Policy for advancing Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) in the EU


On 5th September JPI Climate – in collaboration with the German Ministry of Education Research and the German Aerospace center –  organized its first workshop in Carbon Dioxide Removals in Brussels in the Belgian Science Policy office.

The event provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration among academia, EU policy experts, and funding representatives and attracted about 120 participants online and in the room. The outcomes of this workshop hold the promise of driving advancements in CDR research and policy development within the European Union.

The workshop began in the morning with a comprehensive overview and insights in to the 1st Report on the current state of CDR research presented by Jan Minx of from the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC). Attendees gained insights into ongoing research at both national and EU levels, while discussions delved into the research requirements to support effective CDR policies and implementation. Experts from leading institutions such as University of Oxford with Steve Smith, theLudwig Maximilian University Munich with Julia Pongratz and CMCC with Soheil Shayegh, shared their contributions, shedding light on key programmes such as CDRterra and pojects such as the  Horizon Europe Project UPTAKE and CO2RE  – Greenhouse Gas Removal Hub.

As the day progressed, attention shifted towards policy development and governance options for CDR. Ottmar Edenhofer, Chair of the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change, provided a keynote address on managing the global carbon cycle. Oliver Geden from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs discussed the latest policy options at EU and international levels, while Holly Jean Buck of the University of Buffalo offered valuable insights into policy approaches and innovation dynamics in the US.

The workshop culminated in a panel discussion moderated by Gregor Laumann (German Aerospace Center). Experts including Ottmar Edenhofer, Steve Smith, Oliver Geden, and Mark Preston Aragonès (Bellona) along with Holly Jean Buck, examined research and innovation gaps in the context of CDR, particularly focusing on regulation options and their alignment with anticipated and ongoing EU policy developments. The co-chair of the JPI Climate Transdisciplinary Advisory Committee also intervened on the global aspects and particularly the REDDplus programme.

The workshop will feed into the planning of the next Climate Neutrality Forum convened by JPI Climate in 2024.


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