• 14 January 2022

The key messages from ECCA 2021 presented at COP26


The side event “Adaptation beyond the EU: perspectives for stronger cooperation with Africa”, in which the key messages from ECCA 2021 were presented, took place on 9 November, 2021 in the EU Pavilion at the COP26, in Glasgow.

The event, co-organised by JPI Climate, the CASCADES project, the French Development Agency (AFD), the African Union Development Agency (NEPAD), the Walker Institute, and the University of Reading, had more than 70 participants and a group of 6 engaging speakers, including Frank McGovern and Hanne Knaepen.

Frank presented JPI Climate, ECCA 2021 and links to the global conferences on adaptation (e.g. Adaptation Futures) and Hanne presented the key messages from ECCA 2021 and their relevance to the implementation of the EU Adaptation Strategy, in particular its international dimension.

The interventions by the speakers captured the attention and interest of the audience, as demonstrated by the lively discussion (including questions to the speakers) that was going on in the chat. This was all brilliantly moderated by Sally Stevens.

The EU side event was recorded and can be replayed in the event platform https://youtu.be/LNRFA3lQ1Ao.

With this, we officially wrap up ECCA 2021 and its outcomes. Thank you all for your time, efforts and engagement in making this conference and its key messages a success.

Petra Manderscheid

Executive Director of the Central Secretariat


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