• 19 December 2023

SOLSTICE End-Term Meeting Highlights Social Sciences and Humanities in Climate Change Research


The end-term meeting of SOLSTICE or Enabling Societal Transformation in the face of Climate Change took place on December 13th 2023, in Brussels with participants also joining online. In attendance were representatives from the EC, Icatalist, SOLSTICE funding organizations, JPI Climate secretariat, and project leaders from the 7 funded projects.

Projects: 202 CM, CCC-Catapult, CLEAN Cultures, JUSTDECARB, Just Scapes, ROLES, SOLARIS.

Notable interventions at the end-term meeting including Antonio Navarra, chair of JPI Climate and Lena Cappellana Endersen highlighted the significance of SOLSTICE in addressing societal transformations amidst climate challenges. Philippe Tulkens from the European Commission emphasized the importance of Social Sciences and Humanities research in policymaking and climate action, especially with effective dissemination activities in place.

Lead principal investigators (LPIs) from all 7 projects showcased their outcomes, including overcoming obstacles to climate change mitigation, scientific outputs, and advancing climate education among the general public including the youth by means of innovative outreach activities. Each project identified gaps, challenges, and future directions, underscoring the importance of continued collaboration and dissemination efforts.

As concluding remarks, Elena Lopez-Gunn (Icatalist) stressed the importance of timely communication and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, while Magdalena Wicker (SUPERMorri) highlighted the need for integrating non-academic partners and addressing project setup challenges.

The SOLSTICE end-term meeting served as a platform to celebrate achievements, share insights, and pave the way for future collaborations in the societal aspects of climate change research. As projects conclude, the focus now shifts to ensuring sustained impact and engagement beyond their lifetimes.


SOLSTICE, a Joint Transnational Call initiated by JPI Climate in 2019, focused on societal responses to climate change across Europe. With an indicative budget of 6.9 M €, it supported international research projects addressing themes such as social justice, cultural meaning, and transformative finance.


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