• 27 March 2023

Securing European water resources in a changing climate – a 3-part webinar series with DIRT-X conducted


On three occasions in March, the DIRT-X project arranged webinars aimed at those who in one way or another work with water resources. The focus was on how different services can be affected by sediment deposits in water reservoirs.
The DIRT-X research project is about how the changing climate and socio-economic conditions affect water reservoirs and the services they provide for various economic sectors.
– The participants in the webinars came from several different countries and economic sectors. During the webinars they got an insight into current research regarding how water reservoirs are affected by sediment, now and in a future climate – and how this can affect different types of services reservoirs provide including energy production, says Alena Bartosova, project manager and head of the Environment and Climate Section of the Hydrology Research Unit at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) who is an expert on water quality modeling with 30 years of experience in watershed and impact assessments.
The webinars were also an opportunity for the participants to influence future climate services by providing input on what they as users need to be helped in their operations. Even if you did not participate in any of the webinars, you can submit suggestions and comments to the project via the form on their website: https://dirtx-reservoirs4future.eu/

The Webinars:

  • Climate impact indicators and insights for hydropower from interconnected energy systems: A pan-European perspective (March 2nd)
  • Hydrological climate services and ecological impacts: insights from a coastal use case (March 16th)
  • Hydro-climatic change and sediment dynamics: Insight from two hydropower use cases (March 23rd)

Image caption: Kilian Mouris, M.Sc., from the University of Stuttgart presents one of the DIRT-X case studies, Banja Dam in Albania, at a webinar

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DIRT-X is part of AXIS, an ERA-NET initiated by JPI Climate, and funded by FFG Austria, BMBF Germany, FORMAS Sweden, NOW NL, RCN Norway with co-funding by the European Union (Grant No. 776608).


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