• 31 May 2024

Final conference of the 2o2cm JPI Climate Solstice project


The 2o2cm project (« Overcoming obstacles to climate change mitigation ») aimed to enhance the identification of the barriers and deterrents hindering behavioural shifts and attitudes that would help to mitigate CC, by mobilising together various human and social sciences. Through the collaboration between disciplines (linguistics, semiotics, anthropology, and social psychology), our goal was to advance current knowledge by integrating expertise on the interpretation of textual and visual signs that shape individual and cultural perceptions with the one on the social and psychological determinants influencing behaviours and attitudes. We compared Belgium, Norway, and France’s trends in order to describe the cultural differences that underlie the variation of behaviours.

The main element of our politics of valorisation and dissemination of the project has been the hybrid (online and on site) final conference, organised in Louvain-la-Neuve and online on May 23 and 24, 2024. This event encompassed the presentation of 42 scientific papers, two keynote speeches (prof. Elodie Vargas from France, prof. Linda Steg from the Netherlands), 5 posters, and a roundtable with 4 experts from Belgian NGOs. Two other JPI Climate SOLSTICE projects (Just Scapes and CLEAN Cultures) were presented during the conference.

We had nearly 400 registrations, counting together people online and on site, from different continents (Africa, America, Europe in particular), which shows the interest of research community in this subject, and at least 171 people effectively participated or connected during the two days of the conference.

The conference was supported also by the COST project SHIFT, which funded the participation of a young researcher from Portugal, and was labelled as Satellite Event of the European Climate Pact. It was an opportunity to present the results of the 2o2cm project, and it offered a space for the presentation of other research projects – in the field of human and social sciences – on transition aimed at mitigating CC and managing its inevitable effects. Papers focused in particular on the analysis of obstacles and disincentives to actions and changes in favour of CC mitigation and adaptation, and the research of ways and solutions to fight against these obstacles. It was a really interdisciplinary conference, with strong representation of linguistics, psychology, communication science, education science, and philosophy. Interdisciplinary approaches were also well represented.

The conference included a roundtable with representatives of important associations active in Belgium to promote climate friendly behaviours and engagement: Greenpeace, Ecoconso, Canopea (the federation of Belgian environmental associations, regrouping 130 associations), and Empreintes. They discussed concrete obstacles and solutions for the promotion of a real change with each other and with the public. Keynote speakers, prof. Linda Steg and Elodie Vargas, enriched the conference with their linguistic and psychological approaches. The conference has been an occasion of networking, exchange and mutual enrichment, and the means of raising the profile of the project and making it known to a variety of publics.

A publication is scheduled after the conference, with the aim of collecting many different contributions from different human and social sciences concerning obstacles and solutions for pro-environmental and pro-climate behaviours. We will also make available visual and video materials of the event.

Dr Andrea Catellani

LPI of the project


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