• 20 September 2022



Downscaling Climate and Ocean Change to Coastal Services CE2COAST WINTER SCHOOL for PhD students, postdoctoral and early-stage researchers


Global change will have significant impacts at regional and local scales on marine and coastal systems and will influence the security and productivity of coastal services. The winter school will provide the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas on the latest approaches in climate change downscaling and determining coastal service thresholds to deliver targeted, relevant, and understood scenarios of coastal change.

Topics include:

  • Observed state, variability, and trends in coastal stressors;
  • Ocean climate change from Earth System Models;
  • Regional downscaling of past and future coastal climate change;
  • Responses of coastal processes and services;
  • Science and Society: co-design and co-production of knowledge;
  • Ethics in Science

Please send a short CV and application letter stating why you would like to participate to
Gabrielle.Hairabedian@niva.no within the deadline Monday, 28th November 2022.

MORE INFORMATION ON THE CE2COAST PROJECT https://www.ce2coast.com/ and the flyer


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