• 16 January 2024

Assessment Report Chapters now available for Review


In a significant stride towards supporting evidence-based sea level rise policy and decision making in Europe, the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Hub along with a team of esteemed contributing authors, has initiated the release of chapters for its upcoming Assessment Report on Sea Level Rise in Europe.

The Assessment Report covers a diverse range of critical aspects related to sea level rise in Europe, adopting an integrated and interdisciplinary approach in assessing state of the art information to consolidate existing knowledge and identify knowledge gaps. It takes the current policy landscape and adaptation planning in Europe as reference and seeks to equip decision makers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about protective and adaptive measures against the impacts of rising sea levels. The following sections of the report are now available for review and open discussion: 

The open discussion phase provides an opportunity to engage with the research findings, share feedback, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on sea level rise. Readers can peruse the papers aligned with their interests and expertise and leave comments for the authors and editors to address before the report’s publication. The discussion for all chapters is open until February 29, 2024.

The public review plays a pivotal role in ensuring the rigor and credibility of the assessment report, aligning with the State of the Planet Journal’s commitment to open science values, and the Knowledge Hub’s core co-design and participatory approach in the scoping and development of this resource. 

We invite all interested individuals, including researchers, stakeholders, industry professionals, and users of sea level rise information, impacts, and adaptation strategies to join the open discussion. 

To engage in the discussion, simply create an account: 

  1. Fill in your details, including your name, affiliation, and country. 
  2. Set up your email and password. 
  3. Verify your account. 

For detailed information and access to the preprints, please visit State of the Planet Journal’s Special Issue. Do not miss this chance to contribute to the report! 

For more information, you can contact Kanika Singh <kanika.singh@jpi-climate.belspo.be> and Lavinia Giulia Pomarico <Lavinia.Giulia.Pomarico@jpi-oceans.eu>.


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