• 8 February 2024

The AXIS project policy letters


Key findings of the 10 Projects under the AXIS programme have been published in a special edition of the AXIS Newsletter . These “Project policy letters” summarize the key findings and societal impacts of these cross-cutting, multi-disciplinary and integrating research projects and provide a glimpse of the rich output of the AXIS projects with links to further information and publications.

Through 10 projects involving 60 partners, the AXIS programme promoted cross-border and cross-community research to improve the coherence, integration, and robustness of climate impact research and linking it to societal needs.

The ERA-NET “Assessment of Cross(X) – sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation” – AXIS was aimed at breaking down barriers between scientific communities. It officially ended on December 31, 2023.

AXIS was contributing to key goals of the EU Roadmap: A European research and innovation roadmap for climate services, by improving the integration of physical and socioeconomic data and information and by increasing confidence in Climate Services.

The Programme had a total budget of 15 Mio. € from 11 European funding agencies to support international research projects of a duration 3-4 years.

The AXIS joint call covered 3 interlinked themes:

  • Cross-sectoral and cross-scale climate change impact assessments
  • Integration of biophysical climate change impact estimates with economic models
  • Developing pathways to achieve the long-term objectives of the Paris Agreement, considering interactions with SDGs closely linked to SDG 13 (“Climate Action”)


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