• 8 May 2023

SHiFT Conference explores reflections on transformation


The upcoming SHiFT Conference “Reflections on Transformation: Shaping the future, transcending disciplinary silos and exploring lived knowledge systems”, will take place in Graz, Austria from 18th and 19th September, 2023. It aims at exploring different facets and versions of transformations like change, reform, revolution and transitions in both history and theory.

A group of rapporteurs will bring together the different contributions collected during the SHiFT conference and will share these results in a workshop that will be held under the auspices of the MAGICA project on 20th September in the morning. During this workshop, the policy brief covering the topic of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) starting at ECCA2023 in Dublin will be finalised. Participation in the session of 20th September is by invitation only. Afterwards, the policy brief will be shared with all participants.

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International Conference: Reflections on Transformation | Shift Cost (shift-cost.eu)


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