• 1 June 2021

Programme: Webinars and High-Level Event


ECCA 2021 will be a virtual event, combining a series of webinars on critical climate adaptation challenges in May and June ramping up the key policy messages of the webinars into a high-level conference on 22 June 2021, which will be hosted by the European Commission.
Note: the number of on-site participants will be limited according to the COVID19 rules in force in June 2021. The high-level conference will be broadcast on Internet (programme will follow soon).

The topics for the 9 webinars, scheduled for May – June 2021 starting from 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 or 13.30 CET are as follows:


Financing climate adaptation: from climate proofing investments to mobilising funds for a resilient society
Champion: Giulia Galluccio – CMCC
Video available on Youtube
Break out groups highlights and key messages
Video with key messages from the webinar


Climate change and health: Promoting wellbeing through climate action
Champion: Kristin Aunan – Cicero
Video available on Youtube
Summary report of the webinar
A Breath, Oda Aunan, CICERO


Nature as a solution – For resilience, mitigation and sustainable development
Champion: Sergio Castellari – National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology
Video available on Youtube
Video with key messages from the webinar


360° view of climate impacts: Experiencing the future to plan adaptation
Champions: Christopher Reyer – PIK | Hanne Knaepen – ECDPM
Video available on Youtube


Living with Sea Level Rise: Approaches to coastal adaptation
Champion: Bart van den Hurk – Deltares
Video available on Youtube
Video with key messages from the webinar


Climate action exchange – sharing knowledge and experience of what works across the EU
Champion: Lučka Kajfež Bogataj – University of Ljubljana
Video available on Youtube


At your service: Climate knowledge & information as enablers of climate action
Champion: Roger Street – University of Oxford
Video available on Youtube
Video “At your service”


Acting locally – citizen engagement and community mobilisation
Champion: Wolfgang Pfefferkorn – CIPRA
Video available on Youtube
Video with key messages from the webinar


Building back better: COVID recovery, resilience building and societal transformation
Champion: Elisabeth Worliczek – BOKU
Video available on Youtube


ECCA 2021 – 5th European Climate Change Adaptation High Level Conference

Go to the Agenda on the B2MATCH ECCA2021 platform.

Go to the Organisers.


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