• 21 February 2022

Join Climate and Health Course – online, free and with certificate


Climate and Health responder course for Latin America
Represented by the Global Consortium on Climate and Health education, Pan American Health Organisation and the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

This course serves as an introduction to the cutting-edge of climate and health research, explores case studies of successful implementation, and opportunities for engagement.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Academics, Health Researchers, Environmental Researchers, Health Professionals, Health Leaders, Climate Leaders and Students, Funders.

STRUCTURE: The course will consist of bi-weekly live-virtual didactic sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays (90 minutes) with a live question and answer following each lecture.

Information and registration: https://www.publichealth.columbia.edu/research/global-consortium-climate-and-health-education/climate-and-health-responder-course-latin-america

Maria Alejandra Davidziuk


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