• 21 September 2023

International SHiFT Conference “Reflections on Transformation: Shaping the future, transcending disciplinary silos and exploring lived knowledge systems” – outcomes


The SHiFT Conference “Reflections on Transformation: Shaping the future, transcending disciplinary silos and exploring lived knowledge systems”, held in Graz, Austria on 18-20th September, 2023, aimed at exploring different facets and versions of transformation such as change, reformation, revolution and transition in both history and theory.

One also seeks to transcend disciplinary silos by engaging with a plurality of knowledge systems and approaches to transformation.


The conference concluded that it is time to take a step beyond traditional boundaries and embrace a new, transformative way of collaborating.

  • Interdisciplinarity as the core

Conference participants recognized the urgent need to break down silos and foster collaboration between diverse fields of knowledge. Knowledge from all parts of society needs to be combined and is equally relevant.

  • The role of arts and digital literacy

Artistic expression and digital literacy are powerful tools for conveying the urgency of climate action. Through creative mediums, we aim to inspire action and provoke meaningful conversations.

  • Embracing transformative activism

To combat climate change effectively, academics must start to see themselves as activists too. Scientists are not only observers, they can be drivers for change. This involves not only raising awareness but also reflecting on transformative activism that can drive real change.

  • Envisioning a sustainable utopia

To guide collaboration efforts, we should work tirelessly to envision the utopia we’re striving towards. This clear vision serves as our compass, driving our actions and decisions.

  • Designing spaces for change

Creating environments that facilitate behavioural change is essential. We believe in designing spaces that encourage sustainable practices and foster a culture of empowerment and ownership.

  • Building together

The emphasis is on unity and collaboration. We understand that building a sustainable future requires collective efforts. Together, we can make a difference.


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