• 26 March 2024

European Commission-funded Projects and Climate Adaptation Platform Webinar


MAGICA was one of 4 leading projects featured at the European Commission-funded Projects and Climate Adaptation Platform (CAP) webinar. A webinar was held on 7 February exploring potential synergies and collaboration between European national, regional and transnational climate adaptation (knowledge) platforms (CAPs), EC-funded projects, and the Mission on Adaptation. The discussion reflected on the projects’ key objectives and gave opportunities for feedback and insights from the participants through facilitated dialogues.

The key objectives of this webinar were identified as:

  • Sharing these EC-funded projects’ details and intentions and experiences with CAPs.
  • Presenting the Mission Adaptation and its Community of Practice – to invite CAPs to join.
  • Engaging and fostering a dialogue between these EC-funded projects and European CAPs – exploring how EC-funded projects could collaborate with CAPs and strengthen each other.
  • Identifying and exploring opportunities for synergies and collaboration between projects and CAPs.

There is a well expressed need to continue these types of dialogues within the right types of forums and engaging a broader community. We can see the potential of such, including more focused dialogues on particular projects, outcomes, or issues.

To read the full webinar report, including information on the discussion, key links, and contacts, please download the featured resource to the right and the presentations here.

For more information please read here.


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