• 27 July 2023

ECCA2023 Special Edition Newsletter is now available online


The 6th European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA2023) conference, organised by JPI Climate in collaboration with the European Commission Horizon-funded MAGICA project and hosted by University College Cork and MaREI, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Energy, Climate, and Marine, proved to be a successful event. The conference, held from 19-21 June, 2023, witnessed a remarkable turnout, with more than 485 attendees in person and an additional 2,000 participants joining remotely. ECCA2023 organised nearly 70 parallel sessions hosted across three landmark venues in Dublin, Ireland.

The ECCA2023 Special Edition Newsletter released in June 2023, captures the most important insights drawn from the six thematic topics and side events. The impact of ECCA2023 was to bridge the realms of scientific research and policy-making, serving as a foundation for well-informed decision-making in climate adaptation at various levels—transnational, regional, national, and local—. Key messages gathered during ECCA2023 will play an important role to inform the discussions and negotiations at the COP28, scheduled for Dubai in December.

Special attention was given to the youth to encourage climate adaptation actions in Ireland and across Europe. Moreover, news items highlight different adaptation measures to climate change in Ireland, Europe and in Ukraine’s post-war recovery. Last but not least, this newsletter provides an overview of the piazza presentations, themed posters, cinema, creative arts activities and of the ECCA2023 sponsors.

To access the ECCA2023 Special Edition Newsletter for June 2023 click here.

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