Pan-European Sea Level Rise Conference 2022


The pan-European conference, organized by the Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise and endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade, will bring together researchers, stakeholders and policy professionals to assess available and required scientific knowledge on regional-local sea level change, policy development and implementation in Europe.

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The intended key outcome will entail a first assessment report for easy access to regularly updated and usable knowledge on regional-local sea level change in Europe. This intends to complement existing global and European assessments by providing additional geographical and contextual detail, tailored to policy development and implementation. Through a diverse set of keynotes, panels, and other sessions, the conference will put the needs and involvement of policy making and coastal planning at the center of exchanges on regional to local sea level changes in Europe.

This first edition of the conference will take place on October 17 and 18 at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista Di Venezia. This evocative location is the ideal setting for a scoping conference on sea level rise, gathering pan-European research and policy professionals at the heart of one of Europe’s foremost coastal cities challenged by sea level rise. This centuries-old Venetian institution will host up to 300 participants, ensuring space for a diverse set of researchers, policy professionals and stakeholders with differing backgrounds and expertise.

Although the Sea Level Rise Conference will be an in-person event, we offer free online access to the speeches, presentations and panel discussions made during the conference. Sessions at the conference will also feature online components to include virtual participants and ensure the exchange of knowledge continues after the conference.

The conference has been endorsed as an Ocean Decade activity under the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. As an Ocean Decade activity, we contribute to the Ocean Decade Challenges and help further the science we need for the ocean we want.

The pan-European Conference on Sea Level Rise will be organized under the framework of the JPI Climate – JPI Oceans Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise. The conference has been endorsed as an Ocean Decade activity under the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. It is organized by JPI Climate and JPI Oceans in partnership with its Italian partners: CORILA, CMCC, OGS. The conference is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.


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