Work package 5:
Increasing the societal impact of climate knowledge through communication

Increase the societal impact of climate knowledge through communication - COMMUNICATE.
The overall objective of this work package is raising the visibility and attractiveness of JPI Climate for international research partners and promoting climate research cooperation within JPI Climate at international level. Its activities will support all WPs and especially WP3 in highlighting and communicating the value of produced research and other relevant results with the view of creating and demonstrating impacts relevant to supporting policy making for post-COP21 Climate Action. To take a step further in increasing the societal relevance of climate knowledge, a positive narrative on climate change that includes adaptation and resilience along with consideration of behavioural aspects. Novel, creative and useful communication tools will be developed to engage “the other half”, in the process of jointly tackling the societal challenge of climate change including linking adaptation and the SDGs as perceived within the global adaptation goal of the Paris Agreement.

While Tasks 5.1 and 5.2 are intended to further developing the existing corporate communication identity of JPI Climate a different emphasis is given to Task 5.3 which will broaden the target audience and specifically be dedicated to those not convinced of the human influence on climate change (impacts). This task will take into account the work of the future JPI Climate Action Group on Social Sciences and Humanities (AG SSH) in understanding the psychological and sociological dynamics behind the refusal to act in the face of climate change in order to develop effective communication actions with the view to change perspective and challenge perceptions. Existing links with relevant platforms, projects and their activities, in particular climateurope will be further developed by alignment with the climateurope Festival and conferences like ECCA 2017, Adaptation Futures 2018 and in the context of GFCS.

Description of work
Task 5.1. Supporting WPs in their communication and dissemination activities
Task leaders: BELSPO-CS/WUR

This task will ensure the continuity of information provision regarding the activities within the various work packages throughout the project lifetime. Synergies will be created with on-going JPI Climate and ERA4CS communication strategies (link) with the aim of informing a larger community by using and further developing existing channels of communication like webpages, newsletters and targeted information campaigns.

  • Supporting WP2 in communication and outreach of activities regarding ‘less active countries‘. Impacts: informing, awareness, engaging and involvement
  • Supporting WP4 in communication activities regarding the flagships and to the broader world. Impacts: informing, awareness, engaging and involvement.
  • Supporting WP3 in visualization, dissemination, enhancing the impact and value and exploration of research results: knowledge, services and tools. Impacts: awareness, engagement, increasing knowledge and capability to apply knowledge and tools for knowledge brokerage, boundary workers, policy makers (in collaboration with external knowledge translators)

Task 5.2. Implementing an adapted SINCERE communication and dissemination strategy and plan
Task leaders: BELSPO-CS/WUR

This task focuses on dissemination and outreach activities targeting the broad range of audiences (which will be defined in the plan) necessary to deliver the desired SINCERE results and their impacts, and aims to provide and highlights the accomplishments. All activities and their relevant communication tools will be implemented by an adapted SINCERE communication and dissemination strategy and plan that is in line with JPI Climate and ERA4CS communication strategy. This includes i.e. key messages, tools, events and (scaling up the) communication channels for an efficient design of dissemination activities, and interaction with potential users. In collaboration with WP3 in task 3.2, which is aiming at increasing accessibility and visibility for JPI Climate research findings and experts, a promotion campaign will be co-developed by setting up an Award Competition.
Tools will be used and implemented (such as a web analytic tool) to measure and analyse the communication means use and its impact during the project lifetime. Part of the plan is a how to exploit and to continue with disseminating the delivery documents, website and others, when the SINCERE project has been concluded.

Task 5.3. New Communication format to engage “the other half.
Task leader: BELPSO-CS Main contributors: WUR, BOKU, UOXF, RCN

Fact-based decision-making is getting more and more challenged by tendencies towards populism. This is a challenge not only for politics, but also for science, and in particular the persisting doubts about the reality and relevance of climate change. Climate change science should not be content with exclusively delivering climate data; there is also a mission to understand how these messages are understood – or misinterpreted and rejected – by a public that is not necessarily involved in the climate change discourse. Across Europe and abroad, there are a number of initiatives that have taken on this challenge, and they do so with more or less success. Hence, this task will engage using novel approaches in communication directed at policy making level and the broader public with the view to change attitudes, perceptions and thereby creating impact. The novel approach lies also in fostering the mutual learning effect in the international context, stepping back from a top down approach of European science telling the truth to developing countries. To generate change the development of a positive narrative on climate change is aimed at experimenting with other ways of reaching out: new formats, new images, the „convenience“ of acting climate friendly, identify new points of entry (combining other aspects: societal change, economic benefits). This will also include carrying out a desk-top review of successful initiatives within and outside of Europe. Together with the use of best practice examples (e.g. identified in the Netherlands) a toolbox based on proven successful formats will be developed. Key activities in this task are:

  • Desktop review of the literature and successful initiatives within and outside of Europe; identification of best practise
  • Expert seminar with communication experts especially in the field of social media jointly organized with other relevant
  • “Meet the climate change deniers” –learn by listening: explore the triggers and motivations.
  • Interactive workshop with behavioural scientists on the subject of perception, decision and motivation.
  • Initiate a dialogue with influential climate ambassadors (VIPs) at level of politics, culture, sports.
  • Creating a format or toolbox based on proven successful formats based on the previous activities.

In the list presented in the Impact section of part B Annex, an overview of dissemination and communication tools and activities is outlined in relation to each specific target group. The expected impact and response to the different dissemination activities is also mentionned.
This WP , together with WP 1 is an overarching WP assuring the support to the WPs 2, 3 and 4 and in support of the visibility and central place of the SINCERE results ( and by extention of JPI Climate) in the Climate Change community, incl. internationally. The used communication tools and actions will depend on the actions and needs of these other WPs in agreement with table 2.2.2 ( part B annex). Together with WP1, WP5 will be attentive to strengthen the link between WPs thanks to the adequate communication tools, depending on each action in the WPs.


D5.1. Communication Flyers
D5.2. SINCERE Communication Plan as part of the JPI Climate/ERA4CS strategy
D5.3. Promotional videos on JPI Climate collaboration
D5.4. Communication Toolbox
D5.5. Update Communication and dissemination Plan
D5.6. Final Conference of SINCERE with the aim to disseminate the results