Work package 1:
Consortium coordination and management

The objective of the WP is to provide effective management and coordination of the consortium and of the activities to keep the progress of work in conformity with the initial work plan. This WP will ensure the overall coherence and close interaction with JPI Climate and associate initiatives such as the ERA4CS ERA-net. It will report to the action group and ensure a continuous dialogue between the different governance bodies i.e. the Executive committee of SINCERE composed of the WP and task leaders and the Governing board (GB) of the JPI Climate. This WP will also be responsible for the communication with and the reporting to the EC as well as for the crosscutting issue Gender.

Description of work
Task 1.1. Financial, legal and administrative management. Task leader: BELSPO

The task will include the general management of the consortium with

  • Supervision and monitoring of the progress compared to the planning and ensure coherence between activities
  • Regular reporting of the administrative and financial situation towards EC bodies and giving feedback to the consortium
  • Supervision of the quality of the outputs
  • Preparation and follow-up of the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement
  • Project Quality and risk control and assessment

Task 1.2. Internal facilitation and communication, external representation and crosscutting gender issues.
Task leader: BELSPO   Contributor: NWO
In this task SINCERE internal facilitation and communication strategy, tuned to the overall JPI Climate communication and the specific needs of each WP, will be developed and implemented. The meetings of the consortium will also be organized under this task. It will ensure

  • A continuous interaction between work packages
  • Steer the coherence and interaction with ongoing JPI Climate activities and with an eye on the implementation of the SRIA. The Governing Board of JPI-Climate will therefore act as a Steering Board of SINCERE. The 'Steering Board Meetings' will be embedded in the GB Meetings to minimize additional work and missions. Most CSA partners are also members of the JPI Climate and representatives of the Central secretariat of JPI-Climate are actively involved in this CSA which will ensure an efficient interaction with JPI-Climate
  • Provide the necessary information on potential (international) partners or opportunities for action to the WP and task leaders
  • Regularly remind participants to be aware of crosscutting gender issues in the actions of SINCERE. One-day training in gender issues will be organised for SINCERE partners. A monitoring of gender issues will be organised and implemented in SINCERE and extended to the JPI Climate
  • Organisation of meetings


D1.1. Meeting reports
D1.2. Mid-tem report
D1.3. Final report