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   SINCERE's promotional video explaining the project and its activities; about the JPI Climate programme and why it is needed to collaborate in the research on climate adaptation and about joint programming in general. SINCERE flyer to spread the word about the SINCERE project, available in UK | NL | FR | GE |  LV | RU | ES | NO | DK | IT | EE | SI | RO | PT


SINCERE booklet - Integrating science into climate change-policy making: an overview of inspiring real world practices The SINCERE project aims to strengthen international cooperation on climate change research. One of the project’s tasks involves gathering real world practices about integrating climate-change science into policy. A stocktake of real world inspiring practices is needed more than ever before. Whereas a growing amount of funding is being directed to climate change science projects, several challenges prevent some of these results from being directly usable in the policy making process. This document contributes to efforts to deal with these challenges. The document will be used to provide recommendations to JPI Climate about its future project portfolio.

Climate data and climate services for the finance sector: challenges, opportunities and experiences This blog summarises the webinar dialogue on climate data and climate services for the finance sector: challenges, opportunities and experiences, that was organised by ClimatEurope and the SINCERE project in April 2020. During the webinar discussion took place on how climate change is entering into the financial arena and how financial institutes are supporting their clients to become more climate friendly. JPI Climate funded ClimInvest project and other speakers shared their experience in developing climate services for the finance sector. This blog is especially interesting for climate services research funders, developers and financial actors that deal with climate change. It will give insight in ongoing climate services initiatives and highlights new opportunities for finance sector – climate science collaboration. During the webinar many questions were asked and answers given, read Q&A report here.
JPI Climate E-magazine
We are happy to announce that the JPI Climate e-magazine is available now. This E-magazine is the result of the work developed by the JPI Climate project "Strengthening INternational Cooperation on climatE change REsearch" (SINCERE), in close collaboration with the coordinators from the research projects, and has the intention to increase the societal impact of these projects, by disseminating their results and achievements in ways that are understandable to lay audiences.

Report "Story of Climate Change" 
The "Story of Climate Change" as a partner event was organised at the ECCA 2019 Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. SINCERE project team participated in the organisation of side event and actively contributed to the activities offered at the booth during the conference on 28-31 of May 2019.

JPI Climate side-event at ECCA Conference 2019
The side-event "Climate services: state of affairs, relevance for users and the way forward" was held on 27th of May and gathered 80 participants including researchers, academics, practitioners, financial operators, policymakers, private sector and research funders that invest in climate service research. The participants expressed a great interest in the role of climate services in adaption to climate change. 

SINCERE project promotional poster
The poster provides a brief overview of the project structure, partnership, main goals and activities







Successful SINCERE Workshop for EU-LAC cooperation on Climate
The aims of this Workshop, combining Climate and Social Sciences and Humanity, were to identify common topics for EU-CELAC collaboration and developing a brief joint strategy.

Assessing local impacts of sea-level rise at the shore for mitigation and adaptation
On March 18 & 19, 2019, JPI Climate Action Group Next Generation of Climate Sciences in Europe & JPI Oceans with the support of SINCERE, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Deltares Netherlands, and CNRM Météo-France jointly organised a scoping workshop on “Assessing local impacts of sea-level rise at the shore for mitigation and adaptation”. 


The 1st SINCERE Regional Engagement Workshop
The 1st SINCERE Regional Engagement Workshop was organised in Ljubljana on 24th of January 2019 and hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. 
Operationalising knowledge on and for Societal Transformations in the face of Climate Change
The JPI Climate Action Group “Enabling Societal Transformations in the face of Climate Change” (AG EST), together with the JPI Climate CSA project, SINCERE, organised a joint workshop to consolidate and connect key SSH insights and recommendations in research on and for societal transformation, climate services and climate related decision-making processes.

Task 5.3 is preparing a communication toolbox to provide communication means for communities. One of the instruments is to provide information about what local communities already doing in taking action on climate adaptation, carbon neutrality, sustainability and renewable energy. These communities you can find on Google Maps by clicking on the image.  

Trying to engage citizens into climate adaptation and mitigation measures across Europe, and people who are not aware of, or not convinced about climate change and its impacts, that is one of the main task of WP5, by organizing workshops, contributing to conferences and meetings in cities, regions, neighbourhoods and attending excursions.

  OtherHalf.session.jpg    In October 2018, WPs members attended meetings during the Climateurope Festival in Belgrade. On the second day, the SINCERE team organized a break-out session on building a communication toolbox for reaching "the other half". Fifteen people from 7 European countries attended this session and contributed in a 3-hours session to give options for communication means: emphasizing on the risk of health problems towards making climate and sustainability actions visible in neighbourhoods. A student group from Albania attended this session as well.

A day before the official start of the Adaptation Futures 2018 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, JPI Climate organised a side event on exploring ways of international cooperation in climate services, under the SINCERE project. On Monday, 18 June 2018, Petra Manderscheid welcomed more than 120 attendees. 

During the conference people showed interest in the work of JPI Climate and SINCERE. A flyer with an announcement for the side event was distributed.

Exploring the Paris Agreement BalanceThe 3rd workshop "Practical experiences of carbon neutrality" was organised in Brussels on 12-13 November 2018. New collaborative activities on future research and innovation initiatives that JPI Climate member countries can consider for funding, including research calls, knowledge hubs, and other initiatives were explored.

Team members organized events, such as workshops or short presentations during the year across different countries.