JPI Climate side-event at ECCA Conference

JPI Climate side-event "Climate services: state of affairs, relevance for users and the way forward" on 27th of May, 2019 started before the official opening of the ECCA2019 conference and aimed to showcase various Europe-made climate services and develop a good understanding of further climate services developments and research investments needs, to look for synergies with other initiatives and international networks and explore the intrinsically interlinked roles of climate services both as support to climate smart investment decisions and as mobilizer of financial resources for adaptation and mitigation, in a sustainable future perspective. 

The side-event was very successful and gathered 80 participants including researchers, academics, practitioners, financial operators, policymakers, private sector and research funders that invest in climate service research. The participants expressed a great interest in the role of climate services in adaption to climate change.

Key Notes were given by Daniela Jacob (Climate Services Centre Germany) about the climate services landscape in Europe and beyond, Frank McGovern (chair of JPI Climate) about Climate Services in JPI Climate: climate information relevant for users, the outlook was presented by Diogo de Gusmão-Sørensen (Head of Climate Services, European Commission).

Pitch presentations of climate services projects ClimINVEST, CLIM2POWER, CitiSense, CoCliME were showcased to the audience and feedback provided representatives from ERA4CS/H2020 projects: DustClim, APPLICATE & S2S4E, INNOVA, EVOKED.

Mitigating and adapting to climate change requires the mobilization of substantial financial resources. An opportunity is currently opening for climate services tailored for the specific needs of the financial and investment sector. The panel discussion touched upon policy and business relevant questions and requirements that can inform and foster a fruitful exchange between the scientific community and financial and investment institutions. The panel discussion provided insights and views of current needs and offerings in terms of climate products and services, projected changes in those needs and where JPI Climate could be a partner in supporting these users and the broader climate service community.

Pictures credit Fokke de Jong




JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 28 May 2019