Vision, Objective and Principles

Europe aspires to be the most competitive and dynamic knowledge‐based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic development with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion. Climate change alters the conditions under which these ambitions are to be realised. This generates new challenges, including the need to transform energy systems away from a dependence on fossil fuels and the need to protect European citizens, business and nature from climate risks. Research, knowledge dissemination and innovation are crucial in helping to confront these challenges and generate new opportunities for sustainable development. Climate change is a complex reality, which affects European society at large. Understanding and responding to climate change requires coordinated and large‐scale European efforts, in research, innovation and governance.

JPI Climate provides the platform where these objectives can be met, aligning national research priorities according to a jointly agreed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) with the aim of complementing and supporting initiatives at the European level (ERA-NETs, Horizon 2020, Climate KIC, ESFRI Projects, Copernicus). JPI Climate facilitates the coordination, collaboration and exploitation of synergies while working against unwanted fragmentation and duplication of efforts. Coordination of the research base secured through national resources will help underpin European efforts to confront climate change. JPI Climate aims to respond to the needs of policy and decision makers and the European society at large for knowledge‐based information and services to address climate change.

JPI Climate is innovative in its interdisciplinary approach in connecting natural‐ with socio‐economic sciences and it is guided, coordinated and managed through a flexible collaborative governance mechanism.

Main objective

The main objective of JPI Climate is to bring together existing and developing new excellent scientific knowledge that is needed to assist practitioners to adequately transform society towards climate resilience and consequently providing integrated climate knowledge and decision support services for societal innovation.

Governance Principles

The governance principles derive from both the thematic contents, addressed by JPI Climate, as well as the strategic objectives of the JPI Climate concept itself. They provide support to assure coherence between ‘what’ we are working on and ‘how’ we are working. In addition, they represent procedural objectives that broaden the scope for advancements and provide motivation for constant improvement. Read more.