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The development of adaptation policies in the Netherlands follows two parallel interacting tracks: 1) the formulation of a new comprehensiveand intergrated National Adaptation Strategy (NAS), 2) the implementation of the Delta Programme, which re-evaluates water management in the light of long-term sustainable development and climate change. Both the development of the NAS and the Delta Programme are nationwide programmes. This implies a joint effort of national government, provinces, municipalities and regional water boards work together with input from social organizations and the business community.


The new National Adaptation Strategy will amend the 2007 National Adaptation Strategy "Make Space for Climate". The formulation of the strategy is guided by an integral climate change policy agenda; ‘the Climate Agenda'. The new National Adaptation Strategy is to be presented in Parliament by 2016 at the latest. It will be based on the most recent insights in climate change, risks and vulnerability. It goes beyond the water related focus of the Delta Programme by comprehensively addressing other sectors, in particular health, energy and ICT infrastructure, transport, nature, agriculture and fisheries.

The legal framework for the implementation of the national adaptation strategy in the Netherlands is ‘the Delta Action flood safety and freshwater supply' (the Delta Act). The Delta Act anchors the Delta programme, the Delta Fund and the role of the Delta Commissioner. The Delta Act entered into force on 1 January 2012.

Main focus points in the Netherlands are: flood protection, deltas, fresh water, land use and urban planning.

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