Governing Board Mandate

The Governing Board is responsible for:  

  • Revising and adopting the scientific vision 
  • Revising the strategic research agenda (SRA)  
  • Adopting and overseeing the implementation plan (including the strategy for module integration) to the JPI’s strategic research agenda, acknowledging the JPI Climate Framing Principles adopted in 2012  
  • Nominating the Transdisciplinary Advisory Board (TAB
  • Appointing Working Groups (WG) and formulating specific mandates to them in order to facilitate the implementation of the JPI 
  • Endorsing members of the Working Groups and the Management Committee 
  • Preparing and adopting the content and the implementation of joint programmes – including the content of programmes and in the case of any joint calls the extent of funding – as well as other activities contributing to realise the formulated vision and objectives of the JPI 
  • Revising the governance structure, including the bodies of the governance structure and the respective rules of the governance 
  • Assisting the GB chair in the preparation of GB meetings e.g. by proposing the discussion topics in the agenda 
  • Mapping of national research programmes (current and future), informed by existing exercises and current and potential transnational joint initiatives and joint calls 
  • Coordinating strategy and activities of the JPI with support from EC instruments, as Coordination and Support Action (CSA), ERA-Net Cofund 
  • Catalysing synergies between different relevant national funding institutions and the JPI 
  • Assuring the transfer of information to JPI members, the European Commission, the GPC and ERAC (European Research Area Committee) by means deemed appropriate