Central Secretariat (CS)

The overall coordination and day-to-day management of the initiative will be supported by the Central Secretariat (CS) of the JPI. The CS is instructed by the Governing Board (GB) and works closely with the GB, Management Committee (MC) and Task Forces chairs and reports to the GB and MC.

The CS consists of 3 permanent staff members under the authority of the GB and can be extended by seconded or associated staff members, e.g. from JPI members. The composition is to be discussed and adopted by the GB.

The main CS tasks are:

  • to assist JPI bodies (GB, MC, WGs, TAB) by preparing meetings and inbetween meetings
  • to assist the chair and vice-chair of the GB in preparing the agenda for GB meetings
  • to ensure proper implementation of the GB decisions and to monitor follow-up of the action lists established by the GB and its WGs
  • to assure an efficient coordination between the various JPI bodies (GB, MC, WGs, TAB); and particularly support the exchange between the TAB and the GB as well as MC
  • to disseminate information and structure the collaboration with other initiatives
  • to assure institutional links through information provided by GB and expert board members
  • to ensure the communication and dissemination of information concerning this JPI to gain high visibility across Europe and beyond
  • to facilitate the process of joint activities at large (e.g. joint strategic planning, joint calls, other co-alignment activities)

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