Fast Track Activities (FTAs)

In fast track activity, white papers are prepared on research priorities in climate change response, by: 

  • mapping and presenting research, and identifying research needs at usable knowledge from local to European level to corroborate the relevance of the research themes and to amend them
  • discussing the research agenda with a wider number of experts

The white papers are a step towards the definition of joint calls and co-alignment activities.

The activities of these FTAs are now finished and the outcomes have been taking up by other current JPI Climate activities. An overview of the activities conducted was presented at the JPI Climate Symposium "Taking Stock and inspiring the future" (Nov. 2015).

WG1: Moving towards Reliable Decadal Climate Predictions

Outcomes (presented by Sylvie Joussame at the JPI Climate Symposium)

WG2: Researching Climate Service Development and Deployment

Outcomes (presented by Dagmar Bley at the JPI Climate Symposium)

WG3: Sustainable Transformations of Society in the Face of Climate Change

Outcomes (presented by Lisa Almesjö at the JPI Climate Symposium)

WG4: Improving Tools for Decision-Making under Climate Change

Outcomes (presented by Rob Swart at the JPI Climate Symposium)