European advances on CLImate services for coasts and SEAs

Lead PI Menendez Melisa, UC-IHC, Spain



Research Performing agencies   UC-IHC, HZG, BRGM, CNRS, NCSRD


ECLISEA is a project that aims to advance coastal climate science concerning sea surface dynamics over the European coasts and seas. Focused on (i) developing new data and climate information by supporting harmonized analysis at a consistent European scale, (ii) the research on climate variability, predictability and long-term projections, and (iii) the investigation of the complexity and uncertainties of impact models on the coastal region and shelf seas, ECLISEA proposes an integral research plan that starts with the review of stakeholders needs and available information and ends upon the development of a user-friendly and on-line open European prototype of a coastal climate service. Relevant issues that require further study, such as the characterization and change of extreme met-ocean conditions or the assessment of uncertainties of regional mean sea level rise from the historical and future perspectives are considered, as well as relatively unexplored research such as wind-waves and storm surge climate predictability from seasonal to decadal time scales. The research and advances proposed through the 3-year ECLISEA project are estimated to produce a set of recommendations and best practices about coastal climate and coastal impact aspects, a European data infrastructure with its atlas viewer, and several models, methods and tools that will be useful for a variety of stakeholder sectors.