Tailored Climate Information for Investment Decisions

Lead PI Clapp Christa, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo, Norway

Partner PIs

  • Cochran Ian Thomas, I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics, France
  • Kolasinski Michel Guillaume Pascal Jean, Climpact-Metnext, France
  • Soubeyroux Jean-Michel, Meteo-France, France
  • de Bruin Karianne, Alterra – Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
Funding agencies  RCN, ANR, NWO


Nearly half of the world’s biggest asset owners do nothing to mitigate climate risk. Extreme weather events and other climate impacts are likely to increase in frequency and have financial implications. While many climate scenarios exist, it is difficult for investors to relate global scale and long-term horizons to actual risks on their investments in specific sectors or locations. Preliminary discussions with institutional investors via the CICERO Climate Finance center have revealed a substantial need for better sectoral and regional information on climate change specifically tailored to their investment decisions. The primary aim of ClimINVEST is to co-design and co-produce tailored information on climate change with investors. The secondary aims are 1) to feed climate information into the various risk framings of financial decision-makers; and 2) to add value to investor decisions through the co-development of tools for transferring and communicating climate information. The envisioned impact is a contribution to capacity building on mitigating and adapting to climate change for investors, improved communication between climate researchers and the financial community, and value-added to facilitated investment decision-making that accounts for physical climate risks, with a potential to increase investment e.g. in climate-resilient infrastructure.