Workshop "Greening the Research System – Towards Climate-Friendly Research"

The IASS and JPI CLIMATE jointly organized a workshop on the opportunities, barriers and merits of Climate Friendly Research. The goal of this workshop was to take action in order to make research activities more environmentally friendly and to work towards reducing the steadily increasing ecological and carbon footprint of the research system.

To do so, the symposium continued the learning process already started within JPI Climate and other initiatives by involving further scientific communities as well as interested non-academic stakeholders.

Another complementary strategy to reach the goal was to create awareness amongst decision makers on both the European and national levels on the needs of stakeholders (researchers, research funders, non-academic stakeholders) in order to further implement climate friendly research (CFR), by addressing the following open questions:

  • What is needed to make the research system greener and climate-friendly to inspire others to follow?
  • What are the barriers impeding this?
  • What are the potentials and unexpected benefits from climate-friendly research?

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