The project CE2COAST website is launched

In 2019 JPI Climate and JPI Oceans partners launched the joint call « Next Generation Climate Science in Europe for Oceans”. The call resulted in the selection of four research projects. 

The project CE2COAST Downscaling Climate and Ocean Change:Thresholds and Opportunities will deliver benchmarked single and ensemble Earth System Model simulations. These will be downscaled to study regional and coastal ocean domains by hindcasting changes in the physical, biogeochemical and climatic fields over the past 40 years and projecting them up to 80 years into the future. This will enable CE2COAST to deliver estimates of natural and forced variability of oceanic processes as well as regional and local mean states and trends of pressures on ocean services.

The project has launched the website. You can follow the project progress here

CE2COAST project, Thursday 14 January 2021