ERA4SC projects Event

The ERA4CS projects Event took place on 3rd December following up on a H2020 climate services final event with the contribution of the coordinator. The meeting was attended by representatives of all ERA4CS projects, and the executive board of ERA4CS. Besides technical aspects of the scientific reporting, legacy aspects of the programme were dealt with.

The modalities of scientific reporting by the projects were found clear and there were no questions on the templates. Several projects raised reservations on the questionnaire to end-users as there is an obvious “survey fatigue”. The projects will update their user list and check in advance that the users agree to reply to the questionnaire and will offer their help to motivate the users to reply. The ERA4CS Executive Board has taken stock of all comments and will reflect on the best way to adapt the questionnaire to ensure a success.

The projects will provide updated versions of their typology tables and legacy presentations. A specific discussion took place on the category “networks of users”. It was agreed that only these networks that have taken a commitment to continue existing after the project will be mentioned in that category.

The current plans for the ECCA2021 organisation was presented and it was stressed that climate services should be highly represented at this conference as they play a key role. Several projects declared their interest for contributing to the organisation.


ERA4CS project Coordination team, Friday 4 December 2020