Next steps towards a Knowledge Hub on climate neutrality

A progress workshop "Next steps towards a Knowledge Hub on climate neutrality" with the Global Carbon Project and key IPCC scientists was held online on 19 of November, 2020 gathering 26 participants and further taking stock on the 1) understanding of current GHG emissions and removals and 2) informing on pathways to climate neutrality building on the IPCC reports. 

Documentation on each of the topics is currently being developed by experts and will be shared early 2021. Countries involved in this JPI Climate Action Group are exploring in parallel the possibility of funding fellowships or similar mechanisms to support the work of the Global Carbon Project considered to be the first building block of the Knowledge hub on climate neutrality.  A Net-zero conference is planned in cooperation with the University of Oxford for September 2021 to launch the Knowledge Hub.


JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Friday 20 November 2020