Collecting good practices on integrating science into climate change policy making

Wageningen University and Research, with input from the UNEP DTU Partnership (a UNEP collaborating centre), and as part of SINCERE, is collecting real-world good practices with regard to integrating science into climate change policy making. This will help JPI Climate increasing the impact of its research calls.

Through this questionnaire, we want to take stock of real-world practices for dealing with these challenges. We reach out to you, in hopes that you want to share your experiences with us. The questionnaire results will be complemented with desk research and interviews. 

The final results will be made accessible on the SINCERE website by the beginning of 2021. All results will be open access.

The questionnaire will be open between 1/11/2020 and 30/11/2020. It will take about 7 minutes to fill in the form.

Wageningen University and Research, Friday 6 November 2020