SHAPE stakeholder dialogue on Sustainable Development Pathways has started

Almost 60 stakeholders from politics, economy and civil society participated in an online seminar on June 30, 2020, which marked the starting point for the SHAPE stakeholder dialogue. The seminar served to provide basic information on the SHAPE project and stakeholder dialogue, to give participants the opportunity to get to know each other, and to collect and answer their general questions on the process.

The SHAPE project investigates interactions between options to mitigate climate change and the broader agenda of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. It aims at the modelling Sustainable Development Pathways that simultaneously achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in 2030, maintain sustainable development thereafter, and meet the climate targets set out in the Paris agreement.

In order to support robust decision-making and to enable a co-designing process, a stakeholder dialogue is carried out, which is closely intertwined with the development process of the project’s Sustainable Development Pathways. The SHAPE Stakeholder Panel includes representatives from climate policy and the 2030 Agenda, civil society organizations, business, and experts from specific sectors and disciplines related to climate change mitigation and sustainability.

The stakeholder dialogue includes a number of events: An online seminar, a questionnaire, and (at least) two stakeholder workshops scheduled for October 2020 and October 2021. The figure below gives a schematic overview of the relationship between the stakeholder dialogue and the work on the Sustainable Development Pathways until the end of 2021. The dashed ovals and line mark the period between October 2020 and October 2021, when additional events, e.g. with specific thematic focuses, are conceivable.

Shape Stakeholder process.png

The first part of the online seminar was dedicated to an introduction to SHAPE. It provided background knowledge and basic information about the project, the role of the stakeholder dialogue in the development of the project’s Sustainable Development Pathways (SDP’s), and the methodology and content of the narratives which form the SDP’s qualitative basis. In the second part of the seminar, a "Q&A" session offered stakeholders the opportunity to submit comments and to ask questions about the presentations and the further course of the process. 

The project team received valuable indications on what additional information should be provided to lay the foundations for a fruitful exchange during the stakeholder workshop scheduled in October. This resulted, among others, in a "FAQ list", which can be viewed on the SHAPE website, and a project-internal clarification process in preparation for the Stakeholder Workshop in October 2020. The latter targeted for example on the connection between the dimensions of sustainable development used in the narratives and the UN sustainability goals, and will also be very useful for the project-internal work and communication. 

Directly after the online seminar, the participating stakeholders were given access to a questionnaire on the narratives that underlie the scenarios of the Sustainable Development Pathways. The questionnaire aims at getting a first round of external feedback on the narratives as proposed by the SHAPE consortium. The stakeholders are asked to comment on each of the individual dimensions, branches and narrative combinations which are part of the SHAPE methodology to integrate different options for SDP’s. Moreover, the stakeholders are asked to suggest new aspects that are not yet covered in the narratives for the SDPs. The results of the questionnaire will provide an important basis for the design of the stakeholder workshop in October 2020. 

For more information about the project and the stakeholder dialogue (including a more detailed report about the webinar) take a look at the SHAPE website


SHAPE project, Tuesday 8 September 2020