EUREC4A/ATOMIC Ocean & Ocean-Atmosphere interactions

The e-Kick-off meeting of the "Improving the representation of small-scale nonlinear ocean-atmosphere interactions in Climate Models by innovative joint observing and modelling approaches" (EUREC4A-OA) project for the JPI Oceans & Climate EUREC4A/ATOMIC Ocean & Ocean-Atmosphere interactions takes place on 6-7 of July 2020.

The project is funded by JPI Oceans & JPI Climate Joint Transnational Call on Next Generation Climate Science in Europe for Oceans. EUREC4A-OA will bring together international specialists of ocean, atmosphere physical and biogeochemical observations and numerical modelling as well as scientists working on numerical parameterization, operational systems and future projections to address four objectives: 

1) Assessing the impact of the diurnal cycle on energy, water and CO2 ocean-atmosphere exchanges and quantifying the modification of diurnal cycle and the related exchanges by meso-scale and submeso-scale features and other extreme conditions; 2) The identification and quantification of the processes ruling the ocean-atmosphere exchanges and uptake of heat, momentum and CO2 at the ocean nonlinear small scales (from a few tens of meters to 500 km);
3) The role of various processes (diurnal cycle, ocean nonlinear small scales, boundary layer aerosols) on the atmosphere shallow convection and cloud formation;
4) To provide improved models metrics and parameterizations for the above processes to be integrated in operational prediction systems and ESMs.

The two morning sessions are dedicated specifically to the EUREC4A-OA JPI project by presenting the project 6 work packages and tasks to be implemented.
The afternoon sessions are followed by a wider audience and concern the observing experiment that took place in January and February 2020 with an emphasis on ocean and ocean-atmosphere observations related with the JPI project.

EUREC4A-OA project, Tuesday 7 July 2020