Future research needs in support of climate services

The workshop “Future research needs in support of climate services” was organized by the Executive Board of ERA4CS, extended to colleagues from the Research Funding Agency of Romania, UEFISCDI and HZG-GERICS, Germany on 9-10 June 2020.

The objectives of the workshop were to take stock of recent achievements in the domain of climate services (CS) and identify remaining knowledge gaps and research needs, to review the current entities and mechanisms providing support to research in the area of CS and to identify any recent evolution in the roles of these entities and discuss possible new joint actions of JPI Climate in view of upcoming Scoping Forum Symposium.

The workshop attended about 70 participants from research funding organisations, organisations or initiatives in the area of climate services, ERA4CS community and representatives of users, including from the private sector.

A drafting team assembled a set of workshop conclusions and recommendations in real time, and these were reviewed by the participants in the final plenary session. 

Five years ago, JPI Climate identified priority challenges for CS. What has changed over time? What are the new questions? Climate service research has made a progress in application and decision-making, policy user requirements are more focused and the impact based information on adaptation, mitigation and timescales is more specific.

The participants emphasized the need for more integration and widening of the discussion to other scientists than climate scientists and even non-scientific people. In particular, we should more take into account social scientists’ needs. Social scientists would help understand how the society is behaving and better shape the service including the human dimension into climate service research and innovation.

This workshop was considered as a scoping activity leading to the second JPI Climate Scoping Forum Symposium in December.


JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 22 June 2020