A new app M-Tool

A new app, called M-Tool, has been developed by a researcher in the MECCA project (funded through the BMBF MultiTIp project) that allows users to capture people’s perceptions of complex systems (or mental models) with mobile devices, and can be tailored to map perceptions of any system or phenomenon. For example, one can draw the processes that cause climate change, influence the fluctuation of (fish) stock, or the functioning of an economy. Respondents create visual diagrams of a particular system by organizing relevant factors and linking them. This is the first tool that can be used by all kinds of stakeholders, as it does not require the respondent to read or write. Thanks to the standardised set-up of the tool, you can directly compare the perceptions of groups of respondents. 

The app can now be downloaded for free in app stores, see www.m-tool.org for more information and the link to the appstores.

M-Tool icon.png    Meccalogo.png                    bmbf.png

MECCA project, Monday 15 June 2020