INNOVA has released its 5th Emagazine

INNOVA has released its 5th Emagazine: Taiwan megacity Kaohsiung: how to beat extreme climate events in a tropical metropole.

One of the five coastal cities under the project Innovation in Climate Services Provision (INNOVA) is Kaohsiung, one of the three larger Taiwan cities in the South of Taiwan. The densely populated city suffers rising temperature and extreme weather events as a result of climate change. Consequences are damage of infrastructure and industrial facilities, problems with environmental hygiene and declined agricultural and fisheries production. To cope with these problems a wide range of measures has been taken like wetland and mangrove restoration, realising 15 metropolitan style detention basins and establishing green roofs, buildings.

The tropic metropole Kaohsiung already faces a wide variety of disasters. The influence of climate change makes them even more complex.

Full information on the emagazine can be checked here

Wageningen Environmental Research, et al., Friday 21 February 2020