INNOVA 3rd Ezine Urban Climate Adaptation

In the third INNOVA e-zine, the story of the environmental and climate challenges in the Kiel Bay region on the Baltic shore of Germany is being told. The impacts of climate change and the consequences of human activities on the oceans are already clearly visible in the Baltic Sea. Warming, acidification, eutrophication and a depletion of oxygen levels are just a few examples of serious changes to the Baltic Sea. Expected impacts from these changes are an increasing erosion of the beaches, changes in the amount of beach wrack (a mixture of seagrass and algae) washed on shore, but also an increase in the touristic business due to warmer air and water temperatures and prolongation of the season in spring and autumn. It is proposed in this ERA4CS project that this issue of beach wrack will be used to produce a “climate service”.

E-zine (1).png

JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Monday 21 January 2019