The 4th ERA4CS General Assembly

The ERA4CS General Assembly meeting took place at the National Science and Technology Museum on 28-29 of November in Madrid.  The 4th ERA4CS General Assembly (GA) was opened by Philippe Bougeault (ERA4CS Coordinator, ANR, FR) who announced the extension of ERA4CS by eight months until end of August 2021. The GA received a welcome address by Frank McGovern (JPI Climate Chair) who informed about the points discussed during the JPI Climate Governing Board and stressed that one of the priorities of JPI Climate was to enhance collaborations with other JPIs.

Work Package leaders and Task leaders reported the progress made during the last year.
A “Short guide of ERA4CS projects” was presented to the Assembly and is now available on the ERA4CS website.  The focus of this document lays in the usability of the produced services by the projects and lists the stakeholders involved herein.
To assess the funded projects in the context of ERA4CS monitoring efforts on-line questionnaires have been prepared and will be distributed to be filled-in by the projects. The Monitoring team composed of 11 experts will prepare a report on the mid-term evaluation and the mid-term meeting of all projects will be organised in summer 2019.
Roger Street from Oxford University(on behalf of ANR) summarized the Scoping Forum Process that took place over the last 1.5 year, with several meetings culminating with the Paris Scoping Forum Symposium on 28-29 March 2018, and the structure and content of the D7.5 report delivered by the T7.5 team.  One of the findings of this process was the interest of developing other instruments than joint calls; JPI-Climate should explore the “Knowledge Hub” and “Thematic Annual Programming” instruments in the coming years.

Margarita Ruiz-Ramos (AEI) presented a pilot experiment for aligning practices on Climate Services and asked to propose candidates for the exchange pilot experiment. Guidelines for the experiment will be prepared and a call is planned to launch in spring 2019. Other points as new calendar of deliverables and the next GA date and place were discussed. The meeting was closed by Philippe Bougeault thanking the hosts for the nice location and hospitality.
The next GA will take place in autumn, back to back with the JPI Climate Governing Board (date to be confirmed).



JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 11 December 2018