Climateurope Festival 2018 and JPI Climate with SINCERE and ERA4CS projects

JPI Climate is present with SINCERE and ERA4CS projects during the second edition of the 3-Days Climateurope Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. On day one the team SINCERE presented a short introduction to the poster sessions on the Market Square. Around 80 people are attending this 3 days programme in the Kinoteka (Yugoslav Film Archive) building.

Besides, members of 4 ERA4CS projects are attending and presenting their work.



  • JPI Climate Central Secretariat Director Petra Manderscheid is introducing JPI Climate and SINCERE (2 pictures above)
  • Dorotejan Zlobec is asking the attendees to be part in the networks (on the left)
  • Fokke de Jong and Maria Manez are representing the INNOVA project on facilitating innovation in climate services provision (on the right)

On the second day, the SINCERE team organized a break-out session on building a communication toolbox for reaching "the other half"; people who are not aware of, or not convinced about climate change and its impacts. Fifteen people from 7 European countries attended this session and contributed in a 3-hours session to give options for communication means: emphazising on the risk of health problems towards making climate and sustainibility actions visible in neighbourhoods.


On day 3 all members of JPI Climate attended sessions until the great lunch served by the Serbian hosts.

JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Wednesday 17 October 2018