AXIS officially launched at the kick-off meeting in Brussels

The kick-off meeting for the ERA-NET Consortium AXIS ("Assessment of Cross(X)-sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation") took place in Brussels on 13 February 2018 and was organised by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and chaired by Rolf von Kuhlmann, the project coordinator.

The AXIS consortium is set up to enhance integration of an array of research disciplines connected to climate research around the common goal to enhance the assessment of potential impacts of climate change on the biophysical systems and human society. To this end, AXIS plans to launch and implement a single transnational joint call – funded by 10 European research funders. The call will be structured into three themes. Each theme is intended to enhance collaboration across typical community borders: between different sectoral views of climate impacts as well as between biophysical climate impacts and socio-economic effects. For all themes, stakeholder engagement is given a high relevance in the call, thus representing another dimension of interaction across boundaries: interaction of the science community with end users (stakeholders) of the created knowledge (transdisciplinarity).
Ultimately, this ERA-NET aims to support the implementation of the European Roadmap for Climate Services.

The objective of the kick-off meeting was to discuss and converge on final versions of procedures and documents related to the joint call. These included the Implementation Plan (including the evaluation process and timeline), the call text, roles and responsibilities of the partners, the online submission platform and the dissemination of the call.

A call pre-announcement is being finalised by the partners and is already be published on the JPI Climate website. The joint call is expected to be launched in the beginning of April 2018.


JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Wednesday 28 February 2018