JPI Climate meeting federal US research funders

From 29 to 31 January, the Chair and Central Secretariat of JPI Climate took part in a delegation of five JPIs to Washington, DC in the context of a European project intended to enhance research collaborations between European and US public funders (BILAT-USA4.0). JPIs as a form of collaboration gathering major European funding organisations in various domains related to great societal challenges, like climate change, oceans and health research are particularly interesting to channel international cooperation interests.

The visit programme was composed of a series of bilateral meetings between representatives of JPI Climate, FACCE (food, agriculture and climate change), Oceans, Water, HDHL (A Healthy Diet for Healthy Life) and AMR (antimicrobial resistances) and respective federal US funding organisations in the first two days. The focus of JPI climate was on informal exchanges with NSF (National Science Foundation), NOAA (National Oceanographic and of Atmospheric Agency), NASA (US Space Agency) and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency. Informal discussions took also place with the USGCRP (US Global Change Research Programme) - a federal programme gathering the 13 federal funding agencies – on potential joint activities, be it in the field of participation in calls or joint efforts in capacity building.

The essence of learning from the series of bilateral meetings that JPI Climate partly attended jointly with JPI Oceans during the first two days was then presented in a public event “European Joint Programming Initiatives – Opportunities for U.S.- EU Research Collaboration on Societal Challenges” in the Woodrow Wilson Center, in Washington DC. In the panel discussion (see picture) the Chair of JPI Climate, Frank McGovern presented together with Jack Kaye, the US counterpart from NASA the outcomes of the bilateral informal discussions and agreed that there could be interesting following up activities bringing together funding organisations of both sides of the Atlantic.

The workshop is a follow-up of an similar event that took place in Brussels in November 2016. At this first joint JPI - U.S. funding agency workshop US federal agencies as well as JPI representatives first met and had already expressed their large interest to cooperate. 

A video recording of the event is available here.


JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 6 February 2018