General Climate News

Joint report between EEA, JRC and DG Environment: Strategic Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Restoration The report analyses data and tools for mapping and measuring green infrastructure and ecosystem services, with case demonstrations looking into climate change adaptation.
EU Science Hub, Monday 12 August 2019
New study shows impact of largescale tree death on carbon storage Largescale ‘disturbances’, including fires, harvesting, windstorms and insect outbreaks, which kill large patches of forest, are responsible for more than a tenth of tree death worldwide.
University of Birmingham, Monday 12 August 2019
Heatwaves test the limits of energy and water systems in Europe Heatwaves are affecting the supply of water, which is essential for cooling power plants and for the production of fuels and hydropower. A new JRC analysis proposes actions for addressing this kind of problems in EU energy and water policies.
EU Science Hub, Monday 12 August 2019
IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land The IPCC launched on 8 August the Special Report on Climate Change and Land, which assesses interlinkages between climate change effects and desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. The Summary for Policy Makers, as well as the full report, are available on the IPCC website.
IPCC, Friday 9 August 2019
Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre publishes new Heatwave Guide for Cities This guide offers urban planners and city authorities an authoritative summary of the actions they can take to reduce the danger of heatwaves.
Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, Wednesday 17 July 2019
Tracking down climate change with radar eyes Over the past 22 years, sea levels in the Arctic have risen an average of 2.2 millimeters per year. This is the conclusion of a Danish-German research team after evaluating 1.5 billion radar measurements of various satellites using specially developed algorithms.
Technical University of Munich, Tuesday 16 July 2019
Launch of the new Belgium national web portal on adaptation To find out information about adaptation to climate change in Belgium, the National Climate Commission has developed a new web portal as part of the implementation of the National Adaptation Plan. The portal aims to provide available information about climate change (observations, scenarios, impacts), adaptation policies, vulnerabilities and adaptation measures in 14 sectors.
Adapt2Climate, Monday 15 July 2019
Knowledge and management of transnational climate change risks in selected countries This report is written by the EY project on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency, and examines how transnational physical climate change risks are managed in a selection of European countries and in the private sector in general. The report provides input on how public and private actors in Norway can continue their work on transnational climate change risks.
Norwegian Environment Agency, Monday 15 July 2019
LIFE-MICACC project launched: Hungarian municipalities as integrators and coordinators in adaptation to climate change The LIFE-MICACC project is the first Hungarian project on climate change adaptation, in the frame of LIFE Climate Action sub-programme, with the overall goal of improving the adaptation, integration and coordination skills of the most vulnerable Hungarian municipalities.
LIFE-MICACC project, Friday 12 July 2019
Societies worldwide have become more resilient to climate disasters Societies worldwide have become more resilient to climate disasters, but climate change is likely to result in an unprecedented rise in climate extremes, which will challenge the climate resilience and adaptive capacity of our societies.
Joint Research Centre, Wednesday 10 July 2019