Second launch event of the survey on the European Perceptions of Climate Change

Date: 2017-03-29
Location: Paris, France

How worried about climate change are people in the UK, Germany, France and Norway and how do they view its impacts? When, if at all, do they expect to feel the impacts of climate change in their country: now or in 50 years? Do people perceive a strong scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change? Do these Europeans support a shift towards cleaner forms of energy, and what political strategies for addressing climate change do they also support?

The results of the JPI Climate project "EPCC", presented at a meeting in the Royal Society of London on 8/03/2017, provide answers to these important questions. The study surveyed for the very first time the in-depth, nationally representative opinions on climate change, climate policy and future energy options of over 4,000 members of the public in four countries which are central to climate policy and the efforts in Europe to construct a low carbon energy system of the future.

Topline results of the study are available in a new report from this link:

View the Royal Society presentation and panel discussion, download reports and see press coverage.

A second launch event will be held in Paris on Wednesday 29 March 2017: free registration here.

More information here.

Source: JPI Climate project EPCC