Upcoming JPI Climate Events

12 Mar 2020 COVID-19 virus information Due to the COVID-19 virus several events have been canceled or postponed. Please check the sources for updated information.
09 Jun 2020 Scoping Workshop on future research in support of climate services
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
14 Jun 2020 Inaugural Congress on Sustainability Research and Innovation SRI2020 (Belmont forum and Future Earth)
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
22 Jun 2020 Water Innovation Europe 2020: A Water-Smart Society for a post-COVID19 Green Deal Water Europe will host the digital Innovative Water Week with online plenary sessions, working group meetings, and digital networking and exhibition opportunities. One of the themes is about water efficiency and long-term water security in the context of climate change adaptation.
Water Europe
19 Oct 2020 11th Annual Forum of the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region The main purpose of the Forum is to gather stakeholders and to discuss how to best cooperate within the EUSBSR framework and how to tackle topical challenges on a macro-regional level. Innovative constellations can be formed to find common approaches, which will contribute to the three objectives of the Strategy; Save the Sea, Connect the Region, Increase Prosperity.
EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
25 Oct 2020 Outermost regions Forum 2020: Together for a sustainable future This event brings together the Presidents of nine outermost regions in Europe, Ministers from their Member States, the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms and other members of the Commission, stakeholders and experts. The Forum will review progress made on a renewed strategic partnership with the EU’s outermost regions and will address climate change and biodiversity, circular economy and blue economy.
European Commission
09 Dec 2020 2nd JPI Climate Scoping Forum Symposium
JPI Climate Central Secretariat