Upcoming Climate Events

25 Apr 2018 Fifth Open European Day at Bonn Resilient Cities 2018 The Open European Day during the Bonn Resilient Cities 2018 conference is a free event for European cities that focuses on exchange of experiences on climate change adaptation in urban areas.
15 May 2018 6th EWA/JSWA/WEF Joint Conference: The Resilience of the Water Sector This joint conference will explore ways in which the sector in its broadest terms is developing resilient systems, assets, and operations so that business continuity risk is well managed in the face of adverse conditions.
11 Jun 2018 Adaptation Futures 2018, Dialogues for Solutions The conference will bring together diverse actors working in climate adaptation to learn from and stimulate each other in what they do and how they do it: academic and applied researchers, professionals in consulting and other roles, policymakers and managers, civil society, business, those working in international bodies and multilateral bodies.
03 Jul 2018 International Scientific Conference on Climate Change Adaptation in Eastern Europe The conference will focus on “Managing risks and building resilience to climate change”, meaning that it will serve the purpose of showcasing experiences from research, field projects and best practice to foster climate change adaptation among countries in the region, which may be useful or implemented elsewhere.
HAW Hamburg, Germany
17 Oct 2018 Climateurope Festival 2018 The second edition of the Climateurope Festival is open to researchers, suppliers, and funders with an emphasis on participants from Central and Eastern Europe. The aim is to support the exchange of knowledge and cultivate efforts for climate change adaptation and mitigation informed by science.
23 Oct 2018 Fifth Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation The conference aims at exchanging and increasing knowledge on adaptation methods and opportunities, and at discussing how to integrate solutions for adaptation and mitigation. Representatives from all levels of Nordic society will discuss the concrete actions needed to overcome the most important challenges for climate adaptation.