Scoping Workshop 'Towards joint research programming on climate change impact and adaptation economics' - 13/14 November 2014, Venice Italy

The Scoping Workshop “Towards joint research programming on climate change impacts and adaptation economics” was organized within the framework of the European Joint Programming Initiative “Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe” - JPI Climate.

The objective was to discuss development of joint research opportunities on economics of climate change impacts and adaptation in a wider climate policy context. The workshop aimed at facilitating dialogue between the scientific community, policy makers and practitioners to identify concrete information and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed to usefully support policy development and decision making in the field of both, climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The workshop focused on concepts, methods and tools to analyze and assess in an integrated perspective the risks, damage, costs and returns of differential impacts and climate adaptation in their regional, sectoral and temporal distribution. It focused on the integration between top-down and bottom-up approaches in impacts and adaptation assessment, as well as the analysis of potential benefits of adaptation and synergies between adaptation and mitigation policies or other societal priorities.

The workshop aimed to provide an opportunity to analyze the role of economics in societal transformations towards climate-smart and climate-resilient societies in Europe. Based on its results guidance will be developed on relevant research gaps with regard to socio-economic methods that help evaluating climate policy options in the context of risks, uncertainties, trade-offs and feedbacks between both adaptation and mitigation and provide means to overcome institutional barriers to the implementation of robust climate policies.

The outcomes of the discussion will provide input into the development of possible future joint research funding activities to co-ordinate research efforts on climate change and climate change responses in Europe under the auspices of JPI Climate

Main topics for discussion were:

  • How to analyze and assess in an integrated framework risks, damages, costs and returns of climate change impacts and adaptation?
  • How to integrate top-down and bottom up approaches in impacts and adaptation assessment and different regional/national/temporal scales?
  • What changes are needed in different sectors (energy, building, etc.) and how can sectorial roadmaps for transformation be developed? How can economics contribute to societal transformations towards climate smart and climate resilient societies in Europe?
  • What are approaches to evaluate climate policy options and measures to deal with institutional barriers in the contexts of risks, uncertainties and feedbacks/possible synergies between adaptation and mitigation?

Download the Agenda (pdf).

Organizing and Advisory Committee

  • Organizing Committee: Scientific Coordinator Francesco Bosello - CMCC, Italy, Marinella Davide - CMCC, Italy, Fabio Eboli - CMCC, Italy, Kirsten Hollaender - PT DLR, Germany, Ingrid Coninx – Alterra, The Netherlands.
  • Organisation of Workshop: CMCC and PT DLR.
  • Advisory Committee: Lisa Almesjö - FORMAS, Sweden, Andries Hof - PBL, The Netherlands, Gregor Laumann - PT DLR, Germany, Antonio Navarra - CMCC, Italy, Roger Street – CIP, United Kingdom, Andrea Tilche – EC.

Workshop report and presentations

Summary of findings from JPI Climate Venice 2014 Workshop
JPI Climate Module 4, Thursday 15 January 2015
Impacts and Adaptation Economics: A science perspective
Carlo Carraro, (FEEM, CMCC), Thursday 13 November 2014
Key issues, priorities and research gaps in the economics of the cost and benefits of climate change impacts and adaptation
Francesco Bosello (CMCC, FEEM), Thursday 13 November 2014
Mainstreaming adaptation considerations in EU Funds
Marco Gemmer, EC, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Thursday 13 November 2014
National Funders Perspective – Climate Economics in a Policy Dialogue
Gregor Laumann, PT-DLR, Thursday 13 November 2014
Discussion: Economics of the Costs and Benefits of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
Paul Watkiss, Thursday 13 November 2014