13th of GB meeting of JPI Climate in Cambridge, day 1

The 13th Governing Board meeting of JPI Climate took place on 23-24 of May in Cambridge. The members were welcomed by Ned Garnett (Associate Director Research, Natural Environment Research Council - NERC) and he highlighted the value of collaboration and unity in light of the recent political and social events. 

The hosts of the British Antarctic Survey - BAS presented a brief introduction to the scientific issues that BAS is currently focusing on, including the new Innovation Centre AURORA, where the meeting was held.

The current JPI Climate Chair Patrick Monfray addressed the GB to conclude his mandate and the GB elected Frank McGovern (Irish GB member) as the new JPI Climate Chair by acclamation. The GB and the TAB officially thanked Patrick Monfray for his engagement in his function as Chair of JPI Climate during the last two years.

During the meeting the resolutions regarding the implementation of the new SRIA, the JPI Climate Governance and the status of associated members were discussed and update of ERA4CS was reported, including a summary of the results from the joint call, where 26 projects will be funded over 3 years (2017-2020) with a budget of 63 million EUR. The GB discussed several key questions on the instrument and the procedures, with the objective of improving the implementation of future actions. The leaders of the AGs reported about the progress and the next steps to be further developed for the existing and potential Actions Groups.

Diogo de Gusmão-Sørensen from the European Commission presented some considerations for the Work Programme 2018-2020. The EC wishes to align the Research and Innovation (R&I) cycle with the climate policy challenges, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment cycle. The underlying goal of R&I should be to boost research and the effect of climate impacts on human health will be taken up in the WP2018-2020. 

The day was finalised with the official dinner where the discussions continued.


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JPI Climate Secretariat, Wednesday 21 June 2017