Upcoming JPI Climate Events

08 Sep 2020 High Level Expert Workshop on Climate Adaptation Modelling
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
17 Sep 2020 JPI Climate - JPI Cultural Heritage joint meeting
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
30 Sep 2020 JPI Climate - JPI Oceans Joint call Kick off meeting
JPI Climate Central Secretariat
19 Oct 2020 11th Annual Forum of the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
25 Oct 2020 Outermost regions Forum 2020: Together for a sustainable future
European Commission

Latest News

Climate action in post COVID-19 era
This Climate Service page focuses on green recovery when restarting 'the engines' again, with regard to a successful response to the COVID-19 crisis. Knowledge and instruments are provided and opportunities and examples are given in what already has been done in many sectors and areas in Europe.
Central Secretariat, Wednesday 6 May 2020
European Climate Adaptation Strategy The open public consultation on European Climate Adaptation Strategy is ongoing until 20 August.
JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Tuesday 7 July 2020
Online conference on climate change communication: Listening, Storytelling, Networking Around 250 people discussed language, political framing, psychology and social media at the online conference "Tell stories, listen up, make contacts". The experts at the online conference on climate communication on 30 June and 1 July 2020 agreed that the young climate movement "Fridays for Future" does many things right - and different - in its communication.
Alpine Partnership for Local Climate Action (ALPACA), Tuesday 7 July 2020
EUREC4A/ATOMIC Ocean & Ocean-Atmosphere interactions The e-Kick-off meeting of the "Improving the representation of small-scale nonlinear ocean-atmosphere interactions in Climate Models by innovative joint observing and modelling approaches" (EUREC4A-OA) project for the JPI Oceans & Climate EUREC4A/ATOMIC Ocean & Ocean-Atmosphere interactions takes place on 6-7 of July 2020.
EUREC4A-OA project, Tuesday 7 July 2020