JPI Climate Knowledge Usability WORK-Shop,
17 June 2015, Brussels

DATE: 17 June 2015
VENUE: Brussels, Belgium

At the core of the WORK-Shop is the usability gap of climate knowledge: addressing the barriers that hampers climate knowledge to be usable. Both researchers as well as beneficiaries can deploy strategies to end up with usable climate knowledge! Early engagement of intended beneficiaries in research projects, co-creation and other approaches can facilitate the searching process for usable knowledge.

In the WORK-Shop, European climate researchers, boundary workers and policymakers
bring together experiences and lessons learned as well as strategies, tools and practices to bridge the usability gap of climate change research projects. The most appropriate approach will be explored, taking into account the differing context of science-determined, sciencedriven and user informed, or user-driven and science informed processes.

Beside reflective sessions on on-going practices, tricks and practical guidelines will be
shared, which will be summarized in a Climate Knowledge Usability Booklet, that will be developed on the basis of the workshop proceedings and made available for all WORKShop participants and current and future JPI Climate research teams.

The WORK-Shop will address knowledge from both natural and social science, using the topics of the 1st set of JPI Climate joint calls as practice cases: societal transformation and climate adaptation; societal transformation and climate mitigation; and arctic GHG emissions.